NewFilmmakers Los Angeles Premier: THE MASSACRE AT BLACK DIVIDE

Morgan at the  New Filmmakers LA  premiere of  The Massacre at Black Divide , with actor  Jeff Rosick  (left) and director  Steve Makowski  (right).

Morgan at the New Filmmakers LA premiere of The Massacre at Black Divide, with actor Jeff Rosick (left) and director Steve Makowski (right).

Thanks to New Filmmakers LA, Morgan and his creative partners (director Steve Makowski and actor/composer Jeff Rosick) celebrated the Los Angeles premiere of their short film The Massacre at Black Divide at South Park Center, on February 18th!  The monthly film festival honors independent filmmakers from around the world, and the cast and crew of "The Massacre at Black Divide" are nothing but grateful to have been considered and selected to participate.

Set in 1881, it tells the story of two men who have a chance encounter in the wilderness of California's Sierra Nevada.  One man believes the other to be the infamous outlaw Thomas Vandeford, and takes him prisoner until he can prove his identity.  Tension builds as he questions whether his hostage is innocent... or is indeed the deadly renegade he's hunting.  By the end of their meeting, both will have discovered that they each hold secrets, and only one man will survive.  Their story will prove that family bonds are never broken, and sometimes it's the future that will catch up with the past.  Check out the official trailer below.

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